Pharmaceutical ProductsEach day, Fresenius Kabi USA's affordable injectable products are making a difference in the lives of the patients they were developed to treat.

Fresenius Kabi USA continues to meet the needs of clinicians with a broad line of injectable medications used in treatment across four therapeutic areas: anti-infective, anesthesia/analgesia, critical care and oncology.

With one of the most comprehensive product portfolios, which offers a wide range of dosages and formulations, Fresenius Kabi USA products are used in hospitals, long-term care facilities, alternate care sites and clinics throughout North America. Fresenius Kabi USA has the largest anti-infective injectable portfolio with 30 marketed products in more than 70 dosages and formulations.

Fresenius Kabi USA's extensive database of products is easily searchable by generic name, brand name or therapeutic class. You can further fine-tune your search to include latex information, preservative-free and TALLman labeled products.

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